HTMLPad 2023 17.4 Crack + Product Key Free Download

HTMLPad Crack

HTMLPad 2023 17.4 Crack + Product Key Free Download

HTMLPad Crack is an all-in-one intelligent HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code editor that helps you code faster and be more productive. Full of powerful features and tools, HTMLPad allows you to create, edit, validate, reuse, navigate and implement your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code quickly and easily.

Advanced text editor, fully customizable and familiar; Light and dark interface theme; Unicode UTF-8 support; Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, Perl, XML, LESS, SASS; Multi-browser preview included; HTML and CSS validation; Code Intelligence for HTML, CSS and JavaScript; HTML and CSS code inspector; code guides and assistants; Code snippet library; Advanced color coding; Project Management; FTP / SFTP / FTPS connection; Mobile web development features; Spell check; Ready-to-use code templates; Go for anything; Find / Replace with regular expressions; Find / Replace files; Multi-item clipboard; Code bending; Contains countless products (parentheses matching, line highlighting, text indentation).

When running the HTMLPad, you are greeted by an installation wizard that guides you through the app’s first look and overall configuration. You have the option to choose different types of layouts, such as Kitchen Sink Can, File Explorer Only, Full IDE, Normal, and Notepad, but you are not limited to those. You can also create and save your plan. Once you have completed this selection process, you can work with line syntax and highlighting, use the advanced text editor, code bending, macro recording, and search and replace. There is also a file finder, an FTP interface, and a code amplifier, and you can customize the text editor, menus, toolbars, shortcut keys, and everything else to suit your needs. You can check out the features on the author’s website because there are way too many to mention here, but trust us, there are many.

Why switch to HTMLPad?

Save time and increase productivity

  • HTMLPad combines the speed of a simple editor and the power of full-size development environments that allow you to work much faster.

Change is easy

  • Interface and behavior are consistent with other editors. All the essential features are precisely where they need to be.

Fully customizable

  • You can customize the text editor, menus, toolbars, shortcut keys, and everything else to suit your needs perfectly.

Incredible all-in-one package

  • Create, edit, validate and manage HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in one application!

How is HTMLPad Crack better?

Faster start

  • Unlike other web development editors, you do not have to wait while it loads.

No mess

  • HTMLPad is fast, clean, and accessible. It is mighty but not filled with useless buttons or panels.


  • HTMLPad features are carefully crafted with speed and productivity in mind.

Great features in FTP / SFTP / FTPS

  • Upload / update your site files online with just a few clicks.

Lots of integrated equipment

  • Syntax checkers, validators, debuggers, decorators, CSS prefixes, etc.

HTMLPad Crack

Key features

Text editor

  • Syntax highlighting
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, XML, WML, Perl, SASS, WELL
  • Advanced text editor
  • Number lines, uterus, margin, word wrapping, block selection, and more

Unicode support

  • UTF-8, UTF-8 without BOM, UTF-16
  • Mini card code
  • Code inflection
  • Highlight line
  • Split Editing
  • Macro recorder

Search and navigation

  • Go into anything
  • Jump instantly to any file, symbol, word, or line
  • Multiple manifestations
  • All occurrences of the selected text are highlighted
  • Search and replace
  • Quick search, detailed search, regular terms, detailed results, and more
  • Search and replace files
  • Fantastic navigation
  • Advanced bookmarks and quick jumps between recent locations
  • Highlight brackets
  • Highlight HTML tag
  • Easily find matching tags and lost tags


  • HTML and CSS inspector
  • And HTML helpers
  • HTML tag auto-closing
  • CSS Assistants
  • box editor, gradient editor, shadow editor
  • Internal color sample in CSS
  • Support for mobile development
  • viewer assistant, CSS media queries
  • Google Fonts support
  • HTML and CSS code viewer
  • CSS prefix
  • CSS sharpens
  • SASS and LESS support
  • Integration with W3 validators


  • Integration with CSS HTML Validator
  • Integrate with Tidy HTML to HTML5
  • Framework support
  • Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 5

Keystroke saver

  • Car fittings
  • Auto quotes
  • Smart Copy and Cut
  • If nothing is selected, the cursor word (custom shortcuts) is cut/copied
  • Smart Paste
  • If nothing is selected, a word from the cursor is replaced (default shortcut Shift + Ctrl + V)
  • Emmet plugin


  • JavaScript framework support
  • jQuery, React, Vue.js
  • JavaScript code embellishment
  • JavaScript Code Minifier
  • Integration with JSHint

What is new?

  • Improved search and significant changes – sleek, compliant search windows, improved user interface
  • Split editing of the same file
  • An updated Chrome preview version
  • HTML, JavaScript, updated CSS language support, and features
  • Address many of our customer suggestions collected over the past three years
  • a Large number of new and rewritten functions
  • Improved behavior with semi-standard stones (escape marks, Chinese targets, etc.)
  • Updated word navigation (Ctrl + Left and Ctrl + Right)
  • Shift + scroll will now also work horizontally
  • Horizontal scrolling with a touchpad is now supported
  • By default, newlines no longer appear as hidden characters
  • Chromium 70 integration provides a fresh Chrome preview
  • External preview in Edge is now possible
  • Advanced users can now add custom bookmarks to the preview (see documentation)
  • Added the Accessibility Auditor bookmark as an example
  • <s> and <ins> tags have been added
  • Better-named color support for CSS control
  • @page is now properly supported in a syntax highlight
  • Important! Now highlighted separately

HTMLPad Crack

How to install it?
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System Requirements:
  • System Operation: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10. –
  • Memory (RAM): Requires 512 MB of RAM.
  • Flash disk space: 100 MB of free space is required. –
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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